House This 100% valid fluid XHTML/CSS template is made from images and color schemes from the California ghost town "Bodie". I took the images with an Aiptek "pencam" (size of two bic lighters)...

I hope someone finds this template useful, I spent a long time on it, trying to use a large number of background images from Bodie, but they all were too busy and didn't fit well together. So, you get a choice of Browns and Tans (see the stylesheet) taken from Bodie images.

Bodie was a mining town

barn This is a picture of a Barn in Bodie. You can't see it here, but there is actually a very large board propping up the barn... very old and worn-out buildings here...

Without the images, this is basically a brown/tan boxed layout with floating right link boxes.


shed How would you like to live in this shack?



Paragraphs are indented on first line

Content Link

Bodie images

Wagon Believe it or not, this is a wagon.

Coal Cart I think this is the top half a coal cart.

Mining equipment This is some kind of mining equipment.



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